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Derm offer--Advice needed

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Hi everyone, 

I have been offered a job running a clinic and want to get some feedback on the offer. I have one year experience in a busy ER. I would be running the clinic by myself, and there would be a 2-4 month "mini fellowship" where I would be traveling to their different clinics for one-on-one training and examinations, etc. 

Here is the offer:

Mon-Fri 8-5

Training Pay $75000 (pro-rated for the 2-4 month training)

Base pay which starts immediately after training- $140k

Bonus Structure paid quarterly: 20% of collections greater than $35k per quarter. (I wouldn't likely start hitting this bonus in the first year because this is a new clinic which needs to be built up)

15 days PTO plus holidays

5 days CME with no allowance

100% health coverage for me. I pay to add my family members. 

Potential for partnership down the road.

I'd love some feedback, please! I am a little nervous to leave a stable position, but I know derm positions are hard to come by without experience. 

Thanks in advance


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Seems like a great offer but just curious, how much experience do you have in derm? Would you be comfortable running the clinic by yourself?

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Do you have the details about the clinic? Mainly cosmetic? If so, that brings in beaucoup money. I'll echo the above, how much exp do you have in derm? 

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Thanks for the feedback everyone. Not much experience, other than a dermatology rotation in school, and the derm I see in the er. I've voiced my concerns about running a clinic solo with my limited experience, and they've assured me that I wouldn't be cleared u til I'm found to be competent. They also have a system for consultations where every provider in the company has access and can respond with insights and advice. 

This would be a mix of medical and cosmetic derm. I would be doing excisions, biopsies, along with a variety of cosmetic procedures. 


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That offer sounds uh-may-zing! High base salary with great bonus structure. I currently work in hospital based dermatology in California where we see a ton of awesome and rare textbook cases most places will never see! We have our fair share of procedures and tons of excisions on a daily basis. That salary range sounds fairly spot on as well. You are going to love dermatology! Best of luck!

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So.....2-4 months of training and you would essentially be on your own? Nope nope nope. That’s the kind of crap that gives derm PA’s a bad name on the MD boards, and with good reason.  Sure, you’ll be able to biopsy lesions and treat acne but do you think you’ll be able to manage blistering disorders or complicated skin cancer patients on your own without direct and easy access to a board certified dermatologist? And don’t think it doesn’t happen...I know a colleague who saw Sweet’s syndrome her first week in practice. Dermatology is a wonderful field but you can’t learn it in 8 weeks. I’ve been in derm for over 15 years and recently left a job because I was tired of being the only provider at my clinic (my in office SP retired and the company did not replace him). Sure, i could easily take care of 98% of the patients....it’s the 2% that kept me up nights. Find a job where you are appropriately trained and supported. Best of luck come to you. 

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      Hey everyone, just looking for some feedback on a job offer I received. The clinic is located in Dallas, Texas. I’ll be a brand new grad in a few weeks 
      Primary care- Base salary is 95,000 (Total compensation 100,000-115,000 after RVU bonuses). Hours are 8-5 Monday-Friday. 1-2 Saturday’s per month ($300 shift pay for Saturday’s worked). Health benefits kick in after 3 months. 10 days PTO first year (increases to 15 after 1 year). 7 paid holidays. $1500 CME credit annually, but no CME days off. No mention of retirement benefits  
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      I'm about to graduate and I've been offered a position at a hospital in SW Oklahoma. "General Surgery" is in quotations because I would technically be working in a specialty surgical clinic. My supervising physicians would be two general surgeons, a urologist, and a gastroenterologist. I would do a mixture of clinic and OR for these surgeons. I'm not sure about call yet. Contract specifics:
      1 year duration $105K base salary with 2 possible bonuses: up to $5K depending on overall clinic wRVU productivity up to "5% base salary for achievement of recommended metrics" Sign-on bonus of $4K Relocation allowance of up to $6K Loan repayment assistance $10K to be paid over agreement term (1 year) Malpractice and licensing paid/reimbursed Full benefits, 401K 26 days PTO 3 days and $2,500 for CME over agreement term (1 year)
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      I have ~5 years of experience. This offer is from a big hospital with a well integrated PA practice, in a moderate cost-of-living area.
      - Salary 125K.
      - 12 hour shifts with 1:3 weekends and 1:4 nights. Required to work 2 federal holidays per year. Shift differential amounts to ~5K per year by my calculation.
      - 403b with 2% match.
      - Pension (!) vested at 3 years of service.
      - Health insurance 80/20 until out of pocket max. Vision and dental through reimbursement account that is pretty generously funded, IMO. FSA and dependent care accounts available.
      - 22 days PTO, includes sick time.
      - 4K dedicated CME funds, plus 5 days CME time separate from PTO.
      Unclear about malpractice coverage. 
      I'm pretty pleased with the offer since it's a step up from my current salary and the benefits seem good but I would welcome outside perspectives. This is the first time I've ever come across someplace still offering a pension, so I don't know how to look at that. The way the nights and weekends are structured seems like a lot of work but I don't know if it's worth arguing about with the salary being what it is. I was also told that a lot of the PAs in the group prefer weekends and nights and are often wanting to trade for them (no guarantees, of course).
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      2016-2017-Original agreement as a 1st Year new Grad Derm PA:
      100k straight salary (no bonus)-
      general derm only 
      4 weeks PTO
      5 additional CME days (PTO)
      $2500 Annual CME allowance
      All licensing/membership dues/supplies/mal practice insurance covered in full
      no healthcare/dental (although covered in full by spouse)
      no 401k/retirement plan
      No maternity leave (although all female staff except the SP)
      2018 renegotiation pending-
      $110,500k base with 10% bonus after 300k in collections (this seems terrible)
      "will" now transition into surgical excisions and cosmetics (lasers, injectibles)
      6 weeks PTO
      5 additional CME days (PTO)
      $3000 Annual CME allowance
      All licensing/membership dues/supplies/mal practice insurance covered in full
      "Will" implement 401k/retirement plan, which is currently in the works (although no matching offered)
      open to a maternity leave option (although specific terms not discussed)
      Any feedback would be much appreciated. No signatures have been exchanged therefore nothing is set in stone. So negotiation of terms is still subject to change. 
      Thanks for your time!
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