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Fluoro permit in CA

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I'm a PA that started working in IR in CA not too long ago and have been researching into how I can get a fluoro permit.

I wasn't getting any good information on the CDPH Radiologic Health Branch site so I emailed CAPA and here's what they said:


"Thank you for your inquiry regarding a fluoroscopy permit for PAs. CAPA sponsored a bill which would allow PAs to apply for a permit to operate a fluoroscope. The bill passed and it took 3 years for the Radiology Health Branch to promulgate regulations which spelled out the criteria for PAs to apply for the permit. Click here to see complete regulations.

The regulations require 40 hours of didactic and 40 hours of clinicaTo date, the didactic portion is an impossible hurdle as we are not aware of a live course available to PAs. CAPA has been working to find a solution for 4 years and have met with the RHB to talk about a change through a regulatory amendment. This will likely be a hard fought battle and isn’t likely to happen.l training.

 Below is an email from the RHB from 2013 with a solution of sorts. To our knowledge, no one has gone this route but we did want to share the email with you. Also, see attached."


Has anyone had any experience with obtaining one or experience with this process in general? Any help would be appreciated as I would be doing many procedures under fluoro.

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Hello - I have been having the same issue.  I can not find a way to get 40 hours of didactic classroom work in California.  Have you had any new luck or info on this ?  Thank you 

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