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Hi all,

I am moving to Boston this summer, and I am on the job hunt. My significant other matched into residency, and we're so excited! However, I don't have a job lined up yet, and I'm wondering if anyone has suggestions for places to look/contacts? There are so many opportunities, but I have not heard back from a single employer. I am more interested in Medicine subspecialties (I have 1.5 years experience as a Hospitalist PA). I am also open to Dermatology, Urgent Care, and some surgical specialties (plastics, maybe). We will be living in South End, but I am willing to commute.

Hoping for any (and all) advice! 

Thank you!

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It'll be tougher than average breaking into that area, but having experience will help you. You may have more luck looking at hospitals and places outside of the Boston proper area. If I were you, I'd see if your significant other can ask someone in his residency program about job openings for you. 

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There seem to be a fair number of urgent care opportunities in the immediate Boston area. Derm is tough to break into of course. Hospitalist positions I see fewer advertised - I would check the hospital websites of places you are interested in, directly. I have also found fairly good listings on Indeed. DocCafe is another possibility.

If you are willing to look outside of Boston itself, there will be more opportunities. I agree with above poster that with 1.5yrs experience you will have an easier time than the typical new grad.

If you are having trouble hearing back from places, then I would try to either 1) leverage whatever network you have; or 2) re-vamp your cover letter and/or resume to emphasize your relevant experience.

Good luck!

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If you're still looking and are open to something in a med/surg sub specialty there is a spine PA position at BWH that is shared between the Radiation Oncology Dept and Neurosurgery/Ortho Spine/Interventional Radiology. Essentially it is a multidisciplinary spine program and your role would be to assist in triaging patients with spine tumors to the appropriate team (ie to surgery or IR procedure or radiation for XRT) and then would run a follow up radiation clinic. I know its outside of what you listed but we are open to looking outside the "Boston Bubble" for a good candidate. Having come from NYC to Boston myself I know it can be a struggle to get seen. 

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Hey Padre, how is your search going? Still looking?

Does Emergency Medicine/observation unit (hospitalist) combo interest you? If not, I have some information for urgent care.

I am an EM PA with 5+ years of experience and had no trouble entering the Boston market. Hope I can help you!




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Thank you all for the advice! I just moved to Boston a couple of days ago, and (so far) I absolutely love it here! I have an interview at DF Cancer Institute, which I am very excited about, but otherwise still searching. I appreciate the help! I will personally message those of you with contacts. 


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