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Letters Of Recommendation

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I am having a few health care providers (PAs and Doctors) write me letters of recommendation. These are people that I have either shadowed or worked with. However, because my mom is part of the medical community, these are also people I have known for quite a few years prior to shadowing them. I know the letter of rec form asks how long they have known the applicant and I am worried if they answer honestly about knowing me for years but then admissions committee sees that I have only shadowed them starting in the last year or so, would they frown upon this as being a personal rec or is it still a professional rec?

I'm just looking for advice about how to ask them to handle filling out the form. Should they only list the amount of time they have known me professionally or not make it obvious that they knew me and my family for years prior to me shadowing and working with them. I know they do not want to do anything to get me disqualified as an applicant and I am sure many people have gotten shadowing experiences because of a personal relationship with a provider but I just want to make sure it is clear these recommenders know me professionally and can speak to my abilities on more than a personal level. Will these be acceptable recommendations?

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It’s a benefit that they’ve known you a long time. I shadowed a former camp counselor of mine who is an MD (we’ve been in touch over the years and worked together several summers when I aged out of being a camper) - he wrote me a LOR and listed he’s known me for 18 years (which is true and crazy). He was able to speak to the determination and drive I’ve had over the years, and how that’s carried through multiple life stages and career changes. 

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