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I just sent my rejection of acceptance to the Colorado Mesa University PA program. I've made the choice to attend another program, but it definitely tears at the heart strings to not be attending what

Just got word January 7th is the official start date. Looking forward to meeting my future classmates! 

I was called off the waitlist back on 11/27 but after much consideration I have decided to decline my seat as I have been accepted to another program. Best of luck to everyone! 

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Curious how the interviews went and if anyone has any insight on how many students they will be accepting and how many interviews they may still have planned?  My application was received and being reviewed, so I'm waiting to see if I get an interview.


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@jtexasb hi! I interviewed and they are planning a small cohort of just 16, which is great, but makes it even more competitive I'd imagine. My interview was August 2nd, and they interviewed 40 people that day, I beleive. They weren't sure how many rounds of interviews they intended to do, but told us we'd here acceptance/denial/waitlisted by August 17th. However, i'm sure they will review ALL applications before filling all seats. When you interview (yes  WHEN!) You'll enjoy the relaxed and conversational nature of the interview, as I did. Grand junction is BEAUTIFUL, but sadly it was very smokey and hard to see all of its beauty because of the nearby fires being fought. Hopes this helps and good luck to you!!!! 

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