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GRE score

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 I know schools tend to view a combined score of 300 a "minimum" so to speak, and a 280 is pretty far beneath that to where schools might wonder what happened. Did you prepare for it and simply do poorly or did you not study at all for it? Also it might help to know what your GPA is because a high GPA may be able to compensate for a low GRE within reason. 

I obviously have no idea if this is true, but I've heard that schools filter out applicants based on GPA and/or GRE. Even without knowing your GPA, I would suggest studying hard for it and retaking it. 

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Thanks for your reply @lctexas4 I really did not prepare well enough since I had just had a baby 2 months earlier. However I am currently preparing to retake it by the end of May. The reason for my question was to check if I had a chance so that I could submit my application earlier than when my GRE result is ready since admissions are also due to earlier submissions. I have GPAs for both bachelors and Masters degree above 3.0. 

Do you know whether I could still send in my GRE test scores after I submit my application Via CASPA?



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1 hour ago, PACrankset said:

280 is not worth applying with, you run the risk of being auto sorted to rejection. Better to retake and get the 300 minimum and submit later than submit now and potentially waste the application fees.

Thanks to the advice. Will do as you have advised

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The above is not necessarily true. The truth is it depends on the school you are applying to and how well other things on your application stand out. I can’t remember the exact score I received but I do know it was under 300. I applied to 1 PA school and was accepted by that 1 PA school. The purpose of the GRE is to determine how well you may complete/handle graduate level work. I already have a masters degree, so clearly I can handle the work. Point being, it depends on several factors. Selections are not black and white, contact your choices and see what they’d advise 

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