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2018-2019 Application cycle

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I just got accepted off of the waitlist!!!!!! I cannot believe this right now!!!  

Hi guys!! I am a first year in the program at Duke and would love to help y'all along as much as I can! If you have any questions feel free to respond to this or shoot me a message, and I will ge

Got an interview invitation today for 10/3!!! 

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Can't say that I know that much about how the adcom reviews applications but nothing is a no until you get an email saying it's a no! Duke gets thousands of applications each year and it's not just one person reviewing them so comparing your timeline to others is not going to be an exact science. 

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6 hours ago, courtwilson said:

I'm in the same boat as you. I was placed in the queue on July 13th. I figured since we submitted our secondaries prior to August 15th that we should at least hear yes/no to an interview relatively soon... 

Same as well, placed in queue July 19, trying to stay patient and hopeful! They estimate around 6 weeks for app review and that was around the end of august for me. 

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5 hours ago, acjpnw said:

I just received an invite for 10/15! Supplemental submitted 8/12. Is anyone going to be in town the Sat/Sun before that would want to meet up?

Received an interview for 10/16 as well this morning! I actually am thinking about taking monday off as well so I can fly in on saturday and take a look around the area. Send me a message!



Placed in queue on August 3rd, received invitation 9/19

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3 hours ago, FeelTheMusicPA said:

Can those who received an invitation to interview please share their Timeline (CASPA & Supplemental Application Submission) and STATS? 

cGPA 3.68, sGPA 3.60

GRE 320 (160 V, 159 Q, 4.5 A)

~1,600 hours as a CNA in the cardiac unit of a hospital

~4,000 healthcare hours as a US Peace Corps Volunteer working in health and education 

~2,500 hours teaching English internationally

~60 hours shadowing a team of CT surgery PAs

CASPA Verified: 8/8

Placed in queue for review: 8/12

Interview invite received: 9/19 for 10/15 interview

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On 9/19/2018 at 1:28 PM, PAtobe33 said:

Congrats everyone!! Does anyone who received an invite mind sharing their stats? If not I understand! Best of luck!! 

Of course!

My timeline:

  • CASPA verified: 7/6
  • CASPA application received email: 7/13
  • Supplemental application submitted: 8/6
  • Interview invite: 9/19

My stats:

  • cGPA: 3.87
  • bcpGPA: 3.89
  • ~16-17k hrs PCE
  • ~1500 hrs research
  • 1700 hrs HCE
  • 350 hrs volunteer
  • 48 hours shadowing
  • 306 GRE (154 Q, 152 V), 4.5 W

Hang in there everyone and good luck!!!

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