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Does a Maters Degree help the overall cGPA?

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My undergraduate GPA was ugly, 2.89 cGPA. I recently received a Masters Degree in Science with a cGPA of 3.25.

Two questions:

Would having a Maters in Science help?

How would my Maters cGPA effect my overall cGPA?  Or sGPA?

Couldn't find any relative information online about a Masters GPA in regards to the CASPA...

Thanks for the help in advance!

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Does a Masters degree help? Yes. Does it do anything for your cGPA or sGPA, not really. Most schools use your undergrad GPA to determine minimum requirements, the graduate and undergrad GPA are calculated separately. Maybe think about retaking some undergrad classes where your grades were below a C to try and get that undergrad number over 3.0.

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