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Hello Everyone,

It's my first time applying to PA school and I am very nervous. I was wondering how competitive my application would be based off my stats alone (uGPA 3.63, sGPA 3.71, 2800+hrs CNA Pt Experience). I am a first-generation African-American male with a bachelors in biology. 

Current PA School List:

Bay Path University

Drexel University

Franklin Pierce University

MCPHS University (Worcester)

Northeastern University

Quinnipiac University

Sacred Heart University

Wichita State University

Westfield State University

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I work with a great PA who is.... a first generation African American who went for it and has had great success. He worked hard, studied hard, positioned himself well, applied for and went to PA school.

You miss 100% of the shots you don't take.

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GPA is good, PCE is good, if your GRE is decent and you don't fumble the LORs or personal statement then I'd say you're a very strong contender. BUT, if you don't get in this cycle, don't get discouraged! The second time around is a lot easier and with the added experience you'll be more prepared than this time.

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