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How common is 12, 12hr shifts a month?

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To make a long story short I had an interview with a PA school and this schedule came up in one of the exercises we did.


I am wondering how prevelent this schedule is because it seems like a good work/life balance.


Typically, how often are those 12hr days on weekends?  And how often are those SET days that dont change much?

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Your question could have so many variations to it. Usually ER is where the 12s are at, i've been at ERs where ppl have every other weekend shifts or every 3rd...it depends. urgent care is another hot spot for 12s and is usually every other weekend. ER days vary more so than UC in my experience. 

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12X12 is a common em/uc/hospitalist schedule. all shifts need to be covered, so you will likely get your share of nights/weekends/holidays. I'm doing 6x24 now, which is basically 12x12 with the 12s back to back. I love it. the downside is that I work 3 out of 4 weekends unless I have arranged time off.

I work a set schedule unless someone else needs time off.

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Your question varies by PA and by work setting. I work three 12hr shifts per week with option for more for overtime as an Urgent Care PA. As you stated, it allows for a lot of time away from work but the downside is I have to work some weekend and holidays. Upside is I can stack my shifts to the beginning of week 1 and and the end of week 2 which gives me 7 days off in between for travel without having to use PTO.


I much prefer the 12 hour shift. Once I'm already at work, I'd rather do an extra 4 hours and have more days off away from the practice. The worst part about work is having to get up and get out the door in my opinion. Others prefer shorter shifts.

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