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Headache Game-Changer

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On May 28th, the biggest change in the history of headache treatment will appear. It will be the release date of Amgen's Aimovig™ (erenumab). It is a once a month SC injection for the prevention of migraine. It is a  human monoclonal antibody designed to specifically block the calcitonin gene-related peptide (CGRP). CGRP is the major conduit for the brain to create the neuroinflammatory response that we call Migraine (or most headaches). In ten years of research, there has been no side effects beyond placebo. This is the first of four, which are coming. One more this summer (sub q) (Teva) and two next year, one sub q (Lilly) and one infusion (Alder). The infusion gives benefit for up to six months.  This is a profound development for headache sufferers, where 1/3 become headache free and the vast majority saw >50% reduction of headache frequency. Keep your eyes open for those dates as it will be hitting the news.

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My daughter saw a new neuro in Houston where she has relocated to and was placed on this today.  She's awaiting the medication to come in for the injection.  I never really understood how much trouble she had with this because she was always a tough young lady.  I'm wondering if what she suffers from are vestibular migraines based on a review that I read?  When I sent her the link for vestibular migraines she said that it sounded like her.  No hx. of vascular HA's aside from a cousin on her mom's side.  I never understood how as a pre-teen she would complain of difficulty just opening the doors of her walk-in bedroom closet and get lightheaded looking up.

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