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Greetings NC,

I'm a matriculating PA student this summer, and although I'll be attending a program out of state, I'll be looking for jobs once I graduate in the Eastern NC area. Ideally in the Jacksonville, New Bern, to Morehead City triangle. My fiancee is starting a PhD program in the area this year also so my intention is to move once I finish school (3 years before she will). I'm currently visiting her for the next month or so and would be interested in speaking with or meeting any PAs, NPs, or MDs in the area to start and get my bearings of the medical community here.

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Hi Anachronist, 

  It is hard to find a new position until you have at least a years experience. I work at a medical practice of 115 and do the recruiting. I get calls all the time, from new NPs especially. The easiest jobs to find tend to be pain clinics, minute clinics and medicare replacement plan assessments. The last one does not even involve diagnosing and prescribing so it looks bad on the resume. 

  I work for a company that hires new grads for three reasons, they have fresh skills, they know how to document properly and lastly, they know how to ask questions and take feedback!  We provide primary care in a way that allows you to spend the time you need with the patient. No appt times. Also, there is little turnover with our patients so you get the relationship and experience of truly practicing the art of medicine.  

  We are seeking help in Edenton, Elizabeth City and Kill Devil Hills. If you know of anyone interested let me know. Also, I am a NC native and former road warrior, a Nurse, a realtor and healthcare marketer so I can answer questions about most places in the state whether it is about the healthcare, weather, housing or job market. I have been to almost every hospital in the state. 

Best Wishes!

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