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New Grad PA- job interview/questions

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So I am in my 2nd year of PA and have a job interview in a week in florida in cardiology.  I have a family member that is a cardiology interventionist, so I have a lot of shadowing time in cath lab with him.  I also used to do cardiac stress tests as a my job before PA school for about a year.  The  doctor and I have met on a previous rotation that I would be working for.  I am just trying to figure out what salary I should negotiate if I don't have a good offer.  AAPA 0-1 year experience salary for PA in florida is 90,000 as average.  And 0-1 year experience in internal cardiology is 92,000 on average.  Just trying to gauge what is fair.  I was thinking about 95,000, considering I am a new grad.  I know my family member pays his NP 120,000-200,000 a year.

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