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retaking a class twice? How will this look?

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Hey guys! I'm applying to Texas Pa schools and only one of them requires Ochem 2. Well, the first time i took ochem 1 i got a D+ then i retook it (worked really hard) and made an A. Because of how challenging it was im not really wanting to take ochem 2 (plus it would make me graduate late). However, at my school the ochem 1&2 labs are grouped together into one course so i cant get just an ochem 1 lab credit. This summer there is a class offered at the community college but the ochem lab is graded into the ochem 1 grade so i have to take the lecture and lab together. Would this look weird taking ochem 1 a third time just for the lab component? Thanks!

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Don't take Ochem 3 times yes that'll look weird and can possibly hurt you. Just take the combined class at your university or snoop around other universities/CC's to see if they only offer O-chem 1 lab even if you have to drive a bit it'll still be worth it!

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Is there a way you can take ochem 2 at another community college just by itself? Most of the ochem 2 classes offered around me were stand alone ochem 2 courses- that's what i would aim for. Definitely don't graduate because one school requires ochem 2. I also applied to all texas schools so i think i know which one you're talking about. 

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Two ways to do this.

1 - take Orgo 2, I found easier than Orgo 1 and do the lab component, plus it'll add Orgo 2 onto your transcript and give your app some extra oomph for those schools that don't require it. 

2 - find a community college that will allow you to only take the lab component. I was able to do this at my local CC since I already had grades for Orgo 1 and 2 lectures I was able to bypass the lectures and only take the labs.

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