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How Bad Will This Look?

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Hey y'all

So I'm about 27 credits away from getting my bachelors. Our semester just ended and I'm a little paranoid. I ended up getting a B in O-Chem, an A in O -Chem lab,  a B in Genetics, and a B+ in Biostat. How bad will this semester look on my transcript? 



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You're fine. Schools won't look closely at individual semester GPAs, your overall GPA is what they'll be focused on. 

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Alright, thanks for the feedback. It looks like I'll end with a science gpa around 3.6 which I know isn't the greatest but I don't feel terrible about it.

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16 hours ago, Drom117 said:

Alright, thanks for the feedback. It looks like I'll end with a science gpa around 3.6 which I know isn't the greatest but I don't feel terrible about it.

I was accepted during this last cycle and had 3 interviews, after talking with the interviewers and other students during the process my impression is that the GPA thing boils down to > or < 3.5. To clarify >3.5= serious student, <3.5= might have a deficiency (better have something else that stands out, PCE, personal statement, charisma, etc). My own GPA was a 4.0 until my junior year when I hit those same classes, a few A-'s and a B+ in O-Chem Jr and Sr years. No one ever asked about them during an interview. 

My two cents is that GRE and GPA are mostly filters to weed out the huge number of applicants, if you're at or above the mean of the previous class, then it won't likely affect you. Once you get to an interview, you (and everyone else there) deserves to be there, there just aren't enough seats, so then it is a bit of a toss up as to who gets accepted. Apply broadly, practice interview questions, read this previous cycle's threads on here about the programs you get interviews for, and be confident in your own abilities/experience/knowledge and humble when comparing yourself to other interviewees (which in one manner or another, you'll probably be asked to do in an interview). 

Best of luck.

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      In any case, I'm currently getting an A in Chem, a low A/high B in micro, and a low B in physio. I feel like I'm operating at 90% capacity already and often don't have enough time to study for all of my classes. If I stick it out, I think I can pull an A and 2 B's. But if I drop physio, I'm confident I'd have enough time to study to get 2 A's in Chem and Micro, with plans to retake Physio in the fall. Further complicating this is the fact that I'm a post-bacc student and have quite a few W's from my first time in college (that was about 8-10 years ago), though I haven't had any since I started my post-bacc studies. 
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      If you cant tell, I'm pretty new here to this website. Anyway, I recently discovered the PA profession and after shadowing several PAs (and looking into it more online), I have a very strong interest in the profession.
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