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Updating GPA's on CASPA

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Hello everyone!


I am a first time applier to CASPA. I am taking spring classes that end in the beginning of May but am also taking summer classes that end in the end of July. God willingly my GPA will be significantly higher after my summer classes. 


My questions is, when you upload your transcript to CASPA does it only let you do it once? Asking so that I can figure out if I should send my transcripts after the Spring classes or wait till I am completely done in the Summer. 

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You can send more than one transcript, but if you submit your application with the first one its going to go through verification with the transcript is currently on file. After that happens, if you send a new transcript, CASPA will not update your GPA - they only calculate it once.

If you aren't going to submit your application until the second transcript is received, there is really no point to sending in the original one.

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