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@allie321 I have not had my interview yet, mine’s on Monday. I’m also wondering about it, whether it’s more laid back or a bit more up tight. Seems to be more of a traditional interview since it’s only 30 min. If you could reply after your interview with the general feeling you got from it, that would be super helpful. I’ve heard places like Stony Brook and NYIT tend to be more laid back, but I can’t find anything about St John’s, even on past threads. 

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Has anyone been able to get more information about the program? I know this is their first year as a solely MS program (instead of BS-MS) but that's about it. I don't really find their website to be particularly informative and wasn't able to visit the graduate open house they had earlier in September. I did meet with a graduate advisor earlier this year, but she seemed to not know much about the program either. I even tried contacting the one of the faculty members (possibly program coordinator?) via email with a few questions but she never got back to me.

I'm interviewing on 10/17, just hoping to get an idea of what questions I could potentially ask at the end of the interview. Congrats and good luck to everyone else interviewing!

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On 10/15/2018 at 8:09 PM, tvuchach said:

Does anyone know if they are still sending out interview invitations or not? I got an email on September 14th that my application is under review and I am wondering how long of a wait I should expect for a response or if they are even still sending out invitations at this point.

They are definitely still sending out interview invites and likely will be until their deadline. I interviewed with them last week and was told because the program is non-rolling admissions, final decisions aren't made until February (after all interviews have been conducted.)

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11 hours ago, Soniafuturepa said:

I submitted my application like a month ago, and I have not heard anything back since then.

Is anyone else on the same page? 

I am on the same page! I was verified in August, and still have not received an interview invite or a rejection...I thought they were just sending out interview invites in the order of submission, but now I don't think that's the case.

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42 minutes ago, slamm27 said:

I thought St. John’s was not rolling admissions so I’m a bit confused, especially with people already receiving acceptances

When I interviewed they had told me that I would hear back between November and February! I was accepted a week earlier than I had expected to hear back but I do not believe they are 100% not rolling in the sense that they will not entirely fill the class before the application deadline like other rolling school tend to do. 

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1 hour ago, mivhax said:

Congrats to everyone receiving acceptances! Have they told any of you any information about the tuition/cost of attendance of the program? I don't see that anywhere on the website and the last time I spoke to the program directly they were still in the process of figuring that out

I believe that it is about $1,420 a credit 

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On 10/31/2018 at 10:18 AM, mivhax said:

Thanks! I saw that on the graduate school website, but wasn't sure if that applied to the PA program (since some of the other health profession-related graduate programs have a slightly lower cost.)

Just got an email back about the cost — hope this helps!


Thank you for contacting St. John's University, the Office of Student Financial Services.

I can give you an estimate based on this years tuition.  Our tuition goes up approximately 2-4% each year.  This year the cost of 1 credit for your program is 1420.00.  I believe you program is 84 credits which would be 119,280.00 (at this years tuition rate) plus 170.00 general fee each semester.  The housing charges for this year would be 10720.00 plus a 250 refundable deposit.  The housing also goes up each year.
If you should need further assistance, please contact us through our Customer Service Department at (718) 990-2000
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