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Basic Microbiology

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Hi guys! I am registering for Basic Microbiology for the fall, and I didn't know if PA schools would take that. Could I get some insight on this? 

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Microbiology was the biggest headache for me in applying to PA schools. I was shocked at how many biology departments did not require micro as a degree requirement. I guess the idea is that most of those programs require bacteriology, virology and immunology as separate courses so micro would be futile.

Anyways. At the school I went to they had a nursing program and offered a Biology 250 which was called like principles of microbiology and it was geared towards nurses. I just saw microbiology and signed up for the course. It was not until halfway through the semester that I realized it was a nursing course. I sent the syllabus to the schools I wanted to apply to and they were split 50/50 on if they would accept it. So I had to go to another school that offered a majors level biology to fulfill the prerequisite for the other schools. 

For all of the schools I applied to that would not take the nursing micro, their reasoning was that the course was not designed for biology majors and only biology major classes could fulfill prerequisites. 

All that to say, check with each school. Some will accept a general micro and some wont. 

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I am currently taking MCB2000 and MCB2000L, I am debating dropping the courses but it is too late in the summer term to do so without it leaving a withdrawal (W) on my transcript. I didn't realize that this was a nursing course. The PA Program I am interested in was not specific on the MCB level, just that 4 credits are needed. I'm just going to go through the term and hope for the best. I emailed the PA Program contact to see what they think about accepting it to fulfill my prerequisite or not. Fingers crossed.

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Probably best to email the schools you are interested in applying to with the course description and see if they like it.

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If a PA school has a question, they will generally go to the undergrad school's website and look at the department's courses. If it looks like there were multiple levels available and you took the lower level, it could be an obstacle. Some institutions offer these as science courses for non-science majors. 

If you want to ask a school about it, be prepared to present the course description and possibly the syllabus. 

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