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When the odds are against you

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Often people tell me I'm so lucky to have finished PA school at such a young age. And Lucky I am, but at the same time  It's not about luck  It's about how hard you work for something and how bad you want something. 

Ever since I got into college I knew I wanted to study medicine , At that point I didn't know about the PA profession but once i found out my second semester it became everything I worked for.  I sacrificed the college life and took 18 hours a semester while being a college cheerleader, volunteering , job shadowing, Oh and trying to become a US resident. 

 I was working so hard, but I knew if I stayed as an illegal immigrant my dreams wouldn't come true. For that I am extremely grateful for my parents, they sacrificed so much to get our citizenship fixed, spent a lot of money and put their whole life on hold for me. 

 Sometimes you will feel like your pushing against a big tide and not moving forward but that's when you need to push the most and not give up. 

Never once did I doubt god and his plan for me. I knew I would become a US Resident eventually and for that I kept working on my dream-- Becoming a Physician Assistant. 

My parents instilled in me that Education is so important.   They were perfect examples of it too , My dad Graduated with an Engineering Degree and My mom with Finances , once they moved to the US they weren't able to continue their careers but they moved here to give my sister and I a better life. 

Thanks to the morals that they raised me with I finished my Bachelor's with Honors in three years and got into PA school when I was 21 years old. 

So many times during my journey I felt that I was working so hard for a goal that wasn't going to come true , but With God first  I accomplished it. 

I love to be passionate and share my passion with others.  Anyone who knows me can tell you I love what I'm doing, Becoming a Physician Assistant is not just my career its Who I Am, who my parents raised me to be. 

 When the odds are against you , you PUSH.  I'm the type of woman who you give me a challenge and I won't just accomplish it but I will crush it. Because I was always raised to do things full heartedly and with everything you have. 

Now I'm a PA-C days away from my first day at work. 

Don't get me wrong I face challenges and obstacles daily , its how you overcome those obstacles that makes you stronger.  I hope sharing a little part of myself and my journey will help you fullfill your goals and dreams. 

Never Give up, Dream Big, and ALWAYS ALWAYS keep pushing against that tide. 

Melissa Gutierrez MPAS, PA-C 


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such an inspiring story, question, non residents are not allowed to work, did you get your experience through volunteering? I am an international student, studying at the US, I also didn't know about the PA program, but I was always interested in medicine, now I really really really want to become a PA, I shadowed a PA and fell in love with this profession. Right now, I also feel like the odds are against me, but thank you for sharing your story. 

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