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AF Civilian PA Spouse Question

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Hi All!

I am a first year PA student currently and my SO is an AF pilot. Does anyone have any experience with how the job search will go for me as a civilian PA? I understand that I can work on base with my state license but are the jobs available? I have heard varying stories about the availability of civilian PA jobs on base. I appreciate any help, thanks!

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Did you ever find anything out about this? How are you doing? 

Husband is navy, I’m a new grad PA, we’re about to PCS to Mississippi and it seems to me that PA jobs on base aren’t as readily available as everyone likes to think they are. 

I have a family member who is a surgeon on a naval base and he couldn’t even get me a job with his connections. 

Let me know if you need someone to commiserate with! Good luck!

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Veteran spouses get hiring preference with GS/federal employment. I only know this because I just went through TRS (military separation class). Check out usajobs.com or talk to a veterans benefits advisor on base. They can steer you in the right direction.

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