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Low GPA, how to compensate?

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Hello! I have a low gpa (c3.4, s3.5) and unfortunately it is because I haven't done well in some of my prereqs. I got a C in gen chem and biochem as well as physio. I am graduating in a year and was wondering if it would look better if I started a grad program to build a good post bach gpa or retook these classes?

In addition, I was wondering which schools anyone knows of that does a holistic application review? I am not looking for specific area, just curious what schools people know of.


Any advice please!!

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I do not think your GPA’s are that low. 3.4-3.5 is a good GPA and with a solid application all around, it should not be a problem. 

What you need to watch out for is the minimum GPA or individual grades required for a program’s prerequisites. For instance, some programs require you to have at least a B in certain prereqs.  

I think doing a grad program is a bit overkill. Your GPA is not bad.

good luck! 

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