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Orthopedic PAs in North Carolina

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Hi all! 

My husband an I are considering moving from Maryland to North Carolina in the next year or so - looking at the Raleigh area but also really love Asheville. Mainly looking due to lower cost of living and I have some family in the Raleigh area. 

Wondering how PA friendly the state is - I am currently working in Orthopedics and would like to stay in that specialty. I also have experience in Urgent Care so I would be open to that that as well depending on the position if I can't find an Ortho gig. I have been a PA for just shy of 3 yrs.  

How is the job market and does anyone know what Salary I could expect in Orthopedics in NC? I currently make $102,500 in MD - this was the starting salary for my transition into Ortho with a year of Urgent Care and 10 months of Hospitalist experience before that. I've been at my current job for 6 months. 

Thanks in advance for any advise or info can you give me!

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Don't work in NC, but I know in the past NC was considered one of the friendliest PA states to practice in.  I don't know if things have changed, but that led to making it somewhat difficult to break into the job market in desirable locations.  With your experience likely not as difficult though.  Hopefully someone else can give more up to date advice and comments.

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I can tell you the licensing process took a good 3 months and was a HUGE pain in the a$$, but I have never practiced there. I was thinking about it for a time, so I got licensed. There seemed to be a decent inventory of jobs and the salary listings I would classify as "average". Obviously the best-paying jobs are in the boonies. 

Keep in mind many people really love Asheville, so it's an expensive place to live. Relatively speaking.

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