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1st Time Application and Personal Statement Review

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Hi. I'm a first time applicant and gearing for this coming CASPA rotations starting in May.

Here are some of my statistics

My first bachelor was in Psychology with a GPA of 2.7 (2010).... But since then, I finished an A.S. in Medical Laboratory Science with a GPA of 3.33 (2016). Now I'm enrolled in University of Alaska Fairbanks, Alaska to finished my prerequisites. 

My GPA as of now is a 3.5 for prerequisites and hopefully I can raise it to 3.6 this last semester.

I worked 3 years in the Army with ~2 years of direct patient hours as a medical laboratory technician and phlebotomist. (~3000 hours)

Volunteered with the Red Cross since I started school for about ~240 hours.

GRE score pending (I'm really nervous)

I am considered a disabled veteran due to unfortunate events.

Letter of Recommendation from: Dean of the Graduate School at University of Alaska, Fairbanks, Medical Flight Surgeon (MD) that I worked under in the military, and I'm still debating on my 3rd LOR.

I'm both excited and nervous right now at the same time! I got my personal statement finished ahead of time for polishing (This is my 1st draft) and sending them to my LOR writers for some reviews, critiques, and see where I'm coming from. Maybe I'll have to write a new personal statement if this one is bad.... PLEASE HELP! THANK YOU!

I am hoping to attend Organ Health and Science University, MEDEX at University of Washington, or Loma Linda in California. Other schools I'm looking at is the Pacific University, Oregon, University of Colorado, Western University, and Touro University. I prefer to stay near the west coast for now. Any additional school recommendations?

Any help would be appreciated.




Brent Liu



PA Statement - Brent.docx

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