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Open Saphenous Vein Harvest - Published Technique?

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I'm curious if anyone is aware of any PUBLISHED techniques for the open harvest of saphenous conduit for CABG?


I've searched the available/accessible general surgery texts without finding a detailed skin-to-skin technique described. I've seen informal step by step directions, but I am really looking for an "official" surgical text describing the technique.


Any direction that someone can provide would be greatly appreciated!


Background: I'm a new grad cardiothoracic PA who is very familiar with my institution's open saph. harvesting technique, but would really appreciate finding a formal, in-depth description. I am not looking for descriptions of EVH technique or for a discussion of EVH vs. open.

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I will find this for you if no one else has a link at hand.

Have you looked at any CTS atlases?



It's not too complex, location of the vein is key, so starting 1 cm prox and med to the medial malleolus and following the vein up. The rest is wound closure technique.


I will post if I can find a formal description.

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I appreciate your follow-up! I've found a not very detailed description of the saphenous harvest in Chapter 22 of Cahn (reference and link below), with a more decent description of the radial harvest technique.


I look forward to reading whatever you can find!


Góngora E i , Sundt T Mi I I I . Myocardial Revascularization with Cardiopulmonary Bypass.

Cohn Lh, ed. Cardiac Surgery in the Adult. New York: McGraw-Hill, 2008:599-632.


Cardiac Surgery in the Adult -- End User License Agreement

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