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Just enrolled in Phlebotomy courses. :)

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I'm halfway done w/ my online Medical Assistant school, and I just filled out the paperwork to register for the Phlebotomy course. Transcripts are ordered, classes are set, and I had a great conversation w/ the AACC health sciences dept. about certifying as an EMT this summer, and applying to their PA program in 2-3 years. 
This feels so great--just doing everything *official* to finally start working in health care! 
Even if for some ungodly reason I don't make it into PA school, I finally feel like I"m in the *right field.* Even if my grades, LOR's, writing skills, and connections don't get me into PA school, dangit, I will collect Allied Health certifications and experience until I can run every part of a hospital, or till I'm dead---and enjoy every minute of it. <3 

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