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Re-gaining my TX PA license?

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Don't jump to conclusions- I DIDN'T Lose my TX PA license- I had let it expire.

I had moved to WI- still here- still working as a PA-C, etc.

I wanted to move back, and tried to get my license back.

(fill in your expletives here)!

I even took the TX jurisprudence- that they didn't have when I obtained my license originally.

Now, they want EVERYTHING- letter of references from all my jobs, etc.

I have NEVER been: arrested, used or caught using any drugs, lost my license, been on probation for anything professional, never lost or had a problem with my DEA license, etc.

But after have gone to and graduated from UTMB Galveston for PA school, always and still work as a PA-C, etc.,

Now I have to go thru all this ( insert expletive here) just to return and practice in my home state?

Todd Bouton, MS, PA-C

PA-C for 24 years

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i) Expired Annual Registration Permits.
(1) If a physician assistant's registration permit has been expired for less than one year, the physician assistant may obtain a new permit by submitting to the board a completed permit application, the registration fee, as defined in §175.2(2) of this title (relating to Registration and Renewal Fees) and the penalty fee, as defined in §175.3(2) of this title (relating to Penalties).
(2) If a physician assistant's registration permit has been expired for one year or longer, the physician assistant's license is automatically canceled, unless an investigation is pending, and the physician assistant may not obtain a new permit.
(3) A person whose license has expired may not engage in activities that require a license until the licensed has been renewed. Practicing as a physician assistant after a physician assistant's permit has expired under subsection (a) of this section without obtaining a new registration permit for the current registration period has the same effect as, and is subject to all penalties of, practicing as a physician assistant without a license. The Board interprets §204.156 of the Act to provide the exclusive sanction that may be imposed by the board for practicing medicine after the expiration of the permit.
(j) A military service member who holds a physician assistant license in Texas is entitled to two years of additional time to complete any other requirement related to the renewal of the military service member's license.

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Thanks, BUT, I had read all this, and KNOW this, etc.

Now they want something like references from the last 10 yrs, a letter from my PA program director, etc.

I was a valid PA-C (still am actually, actually at work as a PA-C as I type this, in the Milwaukee area.), and let it expire.  I never had any problems with my license, boards, etc. 

Now it's so hard just to get back what I had!  I should NOT be treated as though I never had a TX PA license! 

I am even a UTMB-Galveston graduate!

I'm not perfect like some, sorry.  I had it, was great, I moved/let it expire, now want it back.  Is that so hard?

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Well mistakes are made and we learn from them.  I was told by an older PA to not carry multiple state licenses because you eventually have to account for them.  He also told me never to let one expire.  Depending how it is listed on a web site, it may look like it was revoked to a potential employer.  I can tell you that it isn't easier for new graduates.  It is somewhat easier for you to get a license in Texas from another state.  The fact that your license expired complicated the matter.  As I recall Texas is one of the harder states to get a medical license issued.  I have worked with multiple MDs that run into trying to get a license here and have to wait 2 months usually.  Sorry this happened to you, but it is the bureaucracy.  

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The TMB is and always has been full of BS.  I let my CA license expire for 3 years.  When I decided to re-activate and reuse it I called up the nice lady at the Cal medical board (who btw immediately answers the phone, unlike Texas' unlimited death hold), and asked her what I needed to do to re-activate.  Answer?  Pay my past dues plus like a $50 late fee and whallaaa!  Done.  I asked her if I needed to re-appy and she laughed and said "no", why would you? We already put you through the initial licensing process.  ...Imagine that.  Common sense.  

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My very limited (thank you) interactions with the board in Texas has been universally disappointing. As you said...terminal hold often followed by a hang up or "leave a message and we'll get back to you" which never happens. The staff, when you are blessed with their attention, is surly and often rude.

Paperwork? License? Months and months.

Maybe if we got out from under the medical board....I know...dare to dream.

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