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Why has nobody sued the DEA yet?

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As most of you will know, we are all already paying outrageous fees for the "privilege" of prescribing narcoticts.  But what no one seems to be talking about it's a fact that the manufacturers themselves pay only pennies for the privilege of raking in millions.

As far as I can ascertain, manufacturers are paying about $3,000 each for the rights to manufacture. $3,000 is such a low figure that is probably full to well below the average manufacturers toilet paper roll costs per year for their facilities. Yet as providers, we have to pay a figure that might be well near a half of a percent of our annual income. 

Why isn't any big deal being made about this? And at what point will somebody start fighting back? Should we wait until the DEA fees are $1,000 per year for provider before we say enough is enough?

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