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How to pick up a second job with 6mo experience

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Hi there!

I've been practicing as an Ortho Surgery PA for 6 months now and I love my job. I work in the OR 5 days a week. I'd like to pick up a second gig on the weekends (preferably something like a 12hr per diem shift every other weekend). Ideally it would be in an urgent care where I could maintain my clinical skills as well as documentation and billing skills. My perceived barrier is that I have limited experience outside of the OR. I have NO problem polishing/learning skills over a training period BUT will someone be willing to train me every other weekend until I'm up to speed?! 

Thank you for your time,



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So you have an articulated goal--go find a job like that!  Worst case scenario you may have to take a poor hourly wage to get some experience, but honestly, there's a lot to be gained by doing walk in that you won't get in Ortho surgery.  In other words, your ortho surgery job will be the loan repayment vessel, a side gig in UC will help keep you rounded as a practitioner.

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You can easily find a gig that will suit what you're looking for. Hype up your Ortho experience in the cover letters and conversations. You'd make a nice addition to the team with your Ortho background and could perhaps help out with retraining some of the clinical staff on some ortho physical exam tests and whatnot. It's been my experience that training is often best during the weekday at places like UCs because weekends tend to be the busiest. Worst case, take a few days of PTO from your main gig for training. 

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I am kind of in the same situation took an ER job but wanted something part time like hospitalist. It was very challenging at first but once I found one contract company that took new grad PAs it was like the flood gates opened with opportunity. I literally cold called like 30 hospitals plus about 5 contract companies. If worst came to worse you could try this approach with urgent care clinics. 

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