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Do I still have a chance?

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Hey everyone.


I have a cumulative 3.94 GPA and I am a sophomore in College. Last semester, I had to withdraw from the whole semester which resulted in multiple W's. I had a change of heart in my major of study, and wanted to withdraw from the whole semester of courses to receive my money back (and I was allowed 50% of it back). Although I am now pursuing a career I am much happier with (I switched from Nursing to Diagnostic Medical Sonography), this makes me extremely self-conscious. Additionally, due to monetary and health reasons (I was in the Emergency Room, it was a long story), I was unable to pursue a full-time college student status this semester and I am now only taking five credits this semester. Despite my GPA, I feel as though the W's and lack of credits taken this semester will be a setback. My main reason I did not want to pursue Nursing was because I did not enjoy the scope of Nursing practice. I enjoy the medical model, not the Nursing model. Therefore, if I was to get rejected in the future from a P.A. School and be left only with a BSN, it would leave me unhappy because the scope of practice itself I was not fond of (although a very notable profession). I hope I did not offend anyone by stating this, but my interests were not in the Nursing profession. 

I sort of feel embarrassed posting such a ridiculous thread, because this whole year I have done almost nothing in terms of academics. 


Thank you. I appreciate all of your feedback in advance.





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You are totally fine. It sounds like you made the choice for the right reasons and will be happier with your decision ultimately. Do the W's appear on your transcript as such? I would look at the CASPA website and calculate your GPA with the W's so you know where you stand. Sonography is a great way to get some quality HCE hours and it pays pretty well as well. 

I would talk about your change of heart in your personal statement, why you made it? If it is related to your ER visit then talk about how that experience influenced your decision to change majors and ultimately choose to go the PA route.

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You'll be fine and it's better to realize what you are seeking in a career early on rather than later. There are enough miserable health care professionals out there. Focus on staying the path you determine is the best fit for you and do everything in your will power to move on and earn excellent grades. 

Ws are far more attractive than Fs and your c.gpa will thank you for it. Good luck with your professional pursuits. 

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