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    • By kbnEMPA
      Hello, just want to ask PAs who are currently working in/or previously in academia. What are your thoughts? Pros and cons? How does a PA get their foot started in academia. 
      Background: I am currently practicing in Allergy/Immunology with ER experience as well. I graduated in 2019 in a different state than where I am currently practicing, so connection around the area is limited. 
      Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated 
    • By SEMPA
      Join us as Anand "Swami" Swaminathan, MD reviews what works (and what doesn't work) against COVID-19.
      Feb 18, 2021; 3:00 pm CST

    • By rev ronin
      Looking to upgrade to the Butterfly iQ+, but I'm not going to need two probes, and nor am I independently wealthy, so my old iQ could be yours!  $1000, with optional hard case ($99 value), original charger included.  Lightning (iPhone/iPad) connector, 15 months old, works great, original price $2000, which is the full price of the new iQ+.  Does not work with all lightning Apple devices--the display device processor is used to render the images, so it needs a relatively current device. You will also need to buy a cloud membership from Butterfly to take full advantage of it. Ultrasound gel not included, but Amazon has that cheap.
      If you're a student in a program that teaches POCUS, this may give you a leg up on your peers.  If you're a PA wanting to carry this with you to an austere environment, it's pretty slick. Or, if you want a device to check lungs for COVID, it'll do that too.
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