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New PA Grad Dermatology Contract Negotiation

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Hello All,

I am graduating in July and am starting to look into contract negotiation and will take any advise I can get.

I just completed a rotation in dermatology and got an "unofficial" job offer. I want to move forward with it and want to arm myself with the tools necessary to negotiate a contract.

My first question is SALARY negotiation. Yes, I know this is a hard question to answer without knowing the other benefits. I really don't know much logistics with this particular practice, or really any as a matter of fact. Here is what I do know, its a private practice (1 of 20) that is owned by ONE physician- pretty impressive! I would be working with one other physician in this particular practice. I would be doing general & cosmetic dermatology. So, what would be a reasonable starting salary if there were no benefits offered?

Any tips or advice would be so helpful. 

Thank you! :) 

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Can't really give any numbers because derm is often different from many other specialties.  From my understanding, it is not uncommon to be paid a bit lower salary during a training period where you really are in somewhat of a residency not necessarily seeing patients on your own.  Then your salary somewhat explodes after that.  May want to consult the 2017 salary report from AAPA, but it really isn't perfect.

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Depends on where you work, but figure a salary without any other benefits is roughly a W2 salary times 1.3, at a minimum  


However, you shouldn’t accept a 1099 job straight out school as your first gig. 1099 means you are purely labor to them, and you’re likely to get treated as such. Find a practice that is vested in your growth. 

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