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Hey everyone, I was just accepted to PA college of technology and was curious what some thoughts were. I read the other threads but it seems not many people respond for whatever reason. I'm currently a pre-med/biology guy at a state university. I have a bunch of "junk credits" (term my advisor used) since I had changed majors twice in non-science fields. So I was looking for a way to either utilize those credits in for a major (like a general studies or liberal arts kind of major) or streamline my education, and noticed that PA college of technology didn't require a bachelors and would perhaps be a better fit.


If anyone could provide some additional info or thoughts, I'd definitely appreciate it.

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The staff seemed pretty friendly and eager to have me as a student. I am not 100% about the program's environment as there has been hardly any responses in regards to questions for the program on these or any other PA forums. I plan on applying after Paramedic school (should have all my pre reqs out the way). Also, I was told by several students when I visited the campus that you wanna make sure you have a car, due to the outside town being less than wanting.


PCT and Medex are the only schools I am heavily looking at, due to cost and positive student feed back reviewed.

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Thanks for the response. My contact with the staff/faculty has been extremely positive as well. They respond very quickly and thoroughly to emails and questions. I have been unsuccessful in finding out student reviews other than a few comments from other forum posters, but have a generally good opinion of PCT from my small personal experiences.


If anyone has any other info feel free to add.



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