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Mercy College Class of 2020 attending students

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This is probably best served on this page. There was another created by someone on the General PA page. Figured i could maybe get everyone in a better area more commonly checked by those looking for information specifically as it pertains to Mercy.

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Hi all, I am the Class President of the Mercy College PA Program Class of 2019! Congratulations on your acceptance! I have started a Facebook group for your class titled "Mercy College PA Program Class of 2020". If you plan on attending and would like to be a part of the group, please message me on Facebook, and I will add you! https://www.facebook.com/gall.sarah


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      Hey good people! I hope you’re all well and healthy during this COVID-19 outbreak. Just wanted to start this early and see your progress on the 2020-21 PA applications!
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      Hi everyone!
      I feel extremely fortunate to have been accepted at both LLU and Western for fall of 2020.  I am now trying to decide which program I should attend.  Anyone have any advice or input into which program is overall the better one?  Does the PA school one goes to have any weight on job prospects after graduation?  I know that US news ranks Western higher than LLU.. but I'm unsure of how relevant that ranking actually is. 
      I have about 4 years of experience in healthcare and i like the fact that it seems LLU takes on more mature students with paid work experience vs Western.  So I am leaning towards LLU.  
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      I am applying this April and I’m very nervous. Can anyone give any tips and guidance about anything in regard to CASPA?
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      Interviewed July 12th, offered a seat on the 19th!
      Who else has been offered a seat?
      I wanted to initiate a thread we could use to share thoughts about the transition from here until Day 1 of class. I'd like to schedule a Meet and Greet prior, if people are interested.
      Questions on the background check, immunization requirements or FAFSA? What neighborhoods are you looking at? Looking for roommates? Need information on Chicago? When are you looking at moving out if you're coming from elsewhere? Where are you coming from? What would make you feel more comfortable getting ready for matriculation?
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      Just wanted to start a thread for this upcoming year!
      Verified 6/7...
      CGPA- 3.83
      Patient Care - 1300 (EMT) , 150 ( voulenteer pt aid)
      5 letters of rec
      Good luck
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