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Reapplicant Personal Statement

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As I expect the best and prepare for the worst, I am coming to that time where I am brainstorming my new personal statement. My personal statement was a nightmare to write initially. 


In essence, I want to keep the same format I have but modify bits and pieces, especially personal stories that have ignited my desire to get into the PA profession. Do schools pull up older personal statements and compare the two? So if I were to just submit my personal statement as is (ie - resubmit the same PS), will schools notice that? Of course I'm not going to do so, I just feel completely lost on how to approach a PS as a second-time applicant.

I've heard both sides - mention how you've improved yourself as a reapplicant, mention that you're a reapplican, blah blah blah. The other side: Schools will know you're a reapplicant, don't waste precious time in your very-limited PS to talk about it. They will know. 

I have an idea of what what personal stories I want to nix, and what personal story I want to add that will add a more emotional reason for becoming a PA. But as far as my introduction and conclusion, I would like to keep those essentially the same with very slight tweaks. I feel they are strong openers and closers and I like how they tie into my PS. 


Any advice/opinions/whatevers are greatly appreciated. 

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I think not changing your essay is a missed opportunity. When I review apps, I know who is a reapplicant but I don’t pull up their old app (you could, but you’re already inundated with paperwork, though on-line.)


Sure: tell me why you want to be a PA. But what I really would like to know is how you’ve used this last year to become better. How tough are you, etc.



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If you have an idea of a personal story you want to add/take out, I say go for it. I wouldn't explicitly mention "I am a reapplicant," but I would instead say what I have done over the past year to make myself a stronger applicant--be it extra classes, more volunteer work, more PCE hours, etc. Make sure the andecdotes in your PS are giving examples of what you will bring to the table (leadership experience, drive, great work-ethic, compassion, etc.). Also run your PS by an actual PA if you can. And be sure that you are actually giving a strong answer to the question "why pa" (vs. NP/MD/DO).

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