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Canadian thread on premed/med message board

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Disappointing in many ways. But most of the med students' reactions are defensive - they appear to feel insecure about what PAs in Canada are accomplishing. They obviously are operating on hearsay and have no exposure to PAs. As long as the new PAs in the country represent themselves well and are professional, their opinions will change with time. There's not a lot that can be done with "young" folks like themselves who obviously believe they know all there is to know about PAs and how medicine should be learned/taught. In the meantime, continue to acquit yourself well in their presence, stick to your guns and don't be cowed by the MDs-to-be just because they'll be MDs: they put their pants on one leg at a time just like you do. Eventually they'll come to understand that the saying about "75% of med school in 50% of the time," is not a phrase that we made up - it is a phrase that the founders of the profession (Eugene Stead, MD) ended up using over time. Our medical directors, both MDs, are the ones who told us this when we started. And they're the ones teaching us what we need to know to practice medicine - so I think they would know better than these neophyte med students. But that's my perspective on this - they should really feel free to get the info from the horses mouth so they'll know what they're talking about.



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