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HELP! Should I retake this class?

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Hello everyone!

I have a lower GPA and have already completed my bachelors degree. I am finishing up my pre-requisites now and have read that people recommend retaking classes you did not do too well in. My dilemma is this: my school had Anatomy & Physiology as separate classes and I got a "C" in physiology. All of the schools near me now offer A&P 1 and A&P2. I was thinking of retaking physiology to increase my grade and GPA. Should I retake A&P 1 and 2 since my undergraduate school offered them separately? Will this look better on my transcript or should I not re-take it and take my chances applying to a PA program for the first time?


Thanks in advance!

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I would contact the schools you want to apply to directly and ask what they want. If you can, take phys online. I know of a school that is accredited and offer a bunch of prereqs online including phys. They courses are 2 months long and aren’t too easy or too hard.

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I would not retake because your previous C will not get replaced with a new grade, it will be averaged. So if you retake and get an A your avg will be a B. Take other higher level courses if you want to improve GPA. Hard to say if you should apply given the fact you haven't stated any other stats like overall gpa, hce etc.

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Other stats:

Shadowing: 130 hrs shadowing PAs and MDs in different specialties 

Direct patient care hours: 1,020 hours as a certified athletic trainer 

Volunteering hours: 143 hours

I haven't taken the GRE yet and am going to complete an EMT program and gain more PCE by working as one and continue to shadow and volunteer. 

GPA is a 3.1 

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