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CASPA PCE hours if regularly work overtime?

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I am a salaried employee at a hospital who is "supposed" to work 8 hours a day. Over the course of the last 2 years, I have regularly worked over 40 hours a week. Some weeks it is 50 hours, a couple 50+ hour weeks if hospital census is very heavy. 

I have a 6 month productivity log which I record how many patients I see and how many hours I work. After 6 months, it is erased from the hospital server and I cannot download a copy (hospital policy). Would it be appropriate to try and get an average of hours worked over these last 6 months and extrapolate it out to 2 years? Or should I put the exact hours I am supposed to be working?

I don't want any ethical issues popping up in an interview or application.

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Good question. You can certainly average out the hours. You can explain what you did if anyone asks or make a note of it in CASPA under the description and I think what you mentioned is well within ethical and professional integrity standards. This isn't a ship's log or a pilot's log where every hour is important. Take EMS for instance, might work a 24hr shift, but only respond to 2 or 3 calls, still gets credit for 24 hrs.

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It is not uncommon for applicants to work varied hours; in fact, that's why the hours section on the CASPA app says "weekly average hours" and not weekly hours. They know its going to be somewhat of an estimate. Providing a brief explanation of your normal schedule in the text box for duties is appropriate if even the average is all over the place.

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its really is just a wild process.... Prior to interviews you think something really, really matters yet isn't mentioned once in the interview. The amount of hours is one of them. Although I will still tend to say that it is part of the objective criteria that land you the interview...afterwards, I would say it is an afterthought.

I would average yourself at 45 hours a week. If someone actually asked you - your explanation provides plenty and you could back it with 6 months of logs. (I doubt that would ever happen.)

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