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Strategy when applying with lower stats and no GRE.

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6 minutes ago, erinm23 said:

Hi there!

I have spend the last week looking specifically for these types of programs and am running into a wall based on timing of prereq completion varying etc. So far i have rosalind franklin (60cr cGPA, still 2.75 regardless), WMU (last 60 cGPA), university of iowa (last 40cr for sGPA only) case western (40cr for both cGPA and sGPA), and campbell (last 60cr for cGPA). Have you or anyone else been able to find any others besides these?


I will be starting at Campbell in July and was admitted by them looking at my last 60 credits.  I do not know of any other programs from the ones you have listed.  Best of luck this cycle 

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Eastern Virginia Medical School (EVMS)-last 40 credit hours but prereqs must be mostly As, with B- as the minimum grade for prereqs.

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