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Letters of Recommendation for Applying to Jobs?

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I am currently in my 2nd year of PA school and will be finishing up this summer. I have started looking around for jobs and networking with some of my preceptors. Should I be asking some of the doctors (or PAs) who I have established some sort of rapport with for LORs for future employment?


I've heard fellow medical students on a couple of my rotations asking some of the physicians for letters of recommendation. I'm not sure if they are asking for matching/residency purposes or something else.


Do PAs typically need letters of recommendation for hiring purposes? Or do references suffice?

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These are the same thing, or so similar you're down to semantics. 

You will almost certainly need formal, official, letters of reference. These should be glowing recommendations, with contact information for your hiring manager if the prospective employer needs more. Almost any physician or PA you work with as a student will understand the request.

If you have a specific job in mind you can share that and they can tailor their letters. I would recommend that if you are applying for a super specialized field straight out of PA school.

I would start collecting these now from preceptors who think you are the BEST.

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You'll definitely need some references. Minimum 3, if not 6. I met one recruiter that asked for 10 (She stated that they like a lot in case they cant get ahold of one or the other, speeds up the process).

When you begin the credentialing process there will be a spot on the 20 page form that requires at least 3 references but there is room for 6 i think. Again, I believe if you put down more it can help speed up the process.


I used a mix of PAs, NPs and Physicians for references. I have met with a couple recruiters/HR people who mentioned they prefer at least one physician reference as they want to know you can get along well with an SP.

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