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Post the encouraging/motivational things people have said on your PA journey

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I've volunteered with a woman (online) on several research and advocacy projects, involving lots of convoluted and sensitive information. I knew she was a nurse, and we'd talked about our families a bit, but nothing else. 

Last week I mentioned my plan to become a PA to her, and she said, "You are one brave woman! You are truly an expert in your field [the specific mental illnesses] and you're going to help so many people. Let me know if there's anything me or my husband can do to help you." 

I was like, "What does your husband do?" 

Oh, he's  a cardiologist who trains PA's at DUKE UNIVERSITY.

Which, as I was just reading in the free "Ultimate Path" book offered on this site, was ranked the #1 PA school in 2015!!! 

SHE THINKS I CAN DO THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I CAN DO THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Cue the Pee Wee Herman Secret Word Squeal!!!) 

<3 <3 <3 <3 

Post some of the encouraging things people have said to you that keep you going when things on your journey get hard. Then we can have this thread to look at when it's 2am and we're studying for finals. ;) 


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12 hours ago, majetito said:

Something I tell my children when they are struggling with homework, zipping a zipper, tying a shoe, etc is:

"Yes it is hard. But, you can do hard things!"

When I decided to go down this path to becoming a PA I realized I needed to preach that to myself.

So @TrekkieByDay Yes It's hard, but you can do hard things!


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Guest blee100
2 hours ago, moleashish said:

It is always nice to hear positive encouraging words from my patients that I come across daily when they find out I will be going to PA school. 

Also when the doctors I work with tell me I am wise to go to PA school instead MD/DO. :)

I agree i love hearing encouraging words from my patients. I literally had a patient recently tELL me I would be a wonderful PA and I didnt even tell him it was my path!

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As a Hemodialysis tech: I had a patient ask "why are you here?"  I said "to take care of you."  She says "You are too good to be here, you should be doing something else."  I then told her I got into PA school, she said she was hoping I was doing something like this.

As a medical scribe: Had a PA tell me "don't listen to what they said, you will get in."  After a nurse coordinator and a doctor were talking about the acceptance rates to my PA program.

As a medical scribe: NP said to me "If you don't get in I am going to complain, I made you look like a saint, glowing!"  

These were all very important to me so I remember them clearly.  I still keep in touch with the PA and NP, recently met for a reunion for a celebration of an MD's years dedicated to the clinic.  They are all in different areas now, but we were all a great team, I miss working with them.

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I had a couple kind patients who asked me what my goals were and they said I would be a great PA. One even offered to write me a letter after only a mere 10 min conversation!  He didnt know me from Adam, but was so impressed and moved to offer such a kind and selfless gesture. My manager and coworkers also tell me the same. It is so great to hear such reassurances from others who have known you for both short and long periods, similarly to acute and chronic patients as a family clinician. 

Here are a few quotes that have helped me:

You cant calm the storm, you can only calm yourself while the storm passes.

When God wants you to grow he makes u uncomfortable. 
There are some things you can only learn in a storm.
We face difficulties bc were doing something right.
God gives the hardest battles to his strongest soldiers.
The bad things that happen may put us directly in the path of greatness for the best things that will happen to us. 
Just when the caterpillar was enclosed in darkness and thought the world was ending, he transformed into a butterfly.
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