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New Grad IM Offer

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I'm a new grad in TX and I have an offer for an internal medicine position. IM is what I'd love to do, but I am a bit hesitant to take this position. Here is what's concerning me the most:

-PTO 80 hrs/yr which includes vacation, CME, and sick time. This is non-negotiable.

- The other PA on my would-be team will be leaving for maternity leave in 3 mos. and I may be left to pick up the slack.

- The Dr. I would be working for does not check his own patient notifications (labs, consults, phone messages, etc.). The other PA and I would have to do this.

Other than this, the position seems ok to me. 95k/yr. M-F 8-5 with one half day a week. Please let me know your thoughts.

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That PTO is unacceptable, as others have stated. TBH, I think it's especially egregious when you're working a M-F position and won't have any occasional weekdays off unless you use that meager PTO. How are you supposed to keep up on CME requirements? You'd never be able to go to a decent conference. Silliness. If they teased out CME (two weeks PTO plus one week CME) then it would be not great but acceptable to me.


Obviously the maternity leave is concerning unless they have a plan in place to cover you. You cannot be expected to take on twice the workload at three months into a new job. Probably less, since it's not like you would start tomorrow. You might only have been working for a few weeks when this other PA leaves.


Like others have said, the money is fine. Money is not the problem. The other stuff is an absolute nonstarter, in my opinion.

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