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Which PA school to accept/commit?

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Hi all, I recently got accepted into the direct  PA program for 3 different schools: Desales, Thomas Jefferson and Stockton?   In the PA field,, which school has the better brand name? 

Also, are there any alumuni out there from each school that can reach out to me directly with additional insight about their school?

Any information is greatly appreciated.  Thanks.

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Agree with above. All of those schools will prepare you to take PANCE in an adequate manner. For me choosing a school is more about the atmosphere, the faculty, the quality of rotations and your living situation in that particular city. I guess from a location perspective they are all in the Philly/NJ area so not to much difference there. TJ is obviously the more prestigious of the three, I had a friend that went to Desales and she really liked it and has had a successful career beginning. 

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I wouldn't worry about the name too much. I'm not too familiar with these schools (which doesn't mean anything), so I can't give specific advice on the quality of any of them. Just try to compare the programs by their PANCE pass rate, the quality of their rotations, their faculty (are they experienced in teaching and do they maintain their skills through clinical practice), how you felt about the program (did you seem to mesh well with the faculty during your interview, did current students/recent alumni have good things to say about the quality of their training, does it have solid facilities/labs), and the locations of each school's campus (cost of living, as well as whether you can see yourself there for the next 2-3 years). If any one program stands out in most of these areas, it is probably a good idea to choose that one. If they all seem to be pretty comparable, then just go with the cheapest one (you'll thank yourself later).  

Like other posters said, don't worry about the "brand name" as long as you feel good about the school, since they will all lead to you being a PA-C. 

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Thank you for all the insights.  If the school brand doesn't matter as much, and since I'm from NJ, I am leaning toward Stockton's (join program with TJ) right now.  Over the cost of 5 years, Stockton is the cheapest of them all.  I will be deciding by the end of the week.

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