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Hi everyone, 

I have begun the process of getting licensed in Texas. All of my documentation has been submitted and I received notice that I will be assigned an analyst but that this could take several weeks. I have read some of the older topics on this but I was wondering if anyone that has gone through the new licensure process more recently could tell me how long this whole ordeal might take. On the older threads people have been saying the TPAB only meets 4 times a year but I am seeing a schedule that looks like they meet every month. Is this something that changed in 2017? I had a pretty promising interview last Friday and I am starting to stress that my license won't be complete for several months. What does this mean if they make me an offer? 

Also, if you applied for a temporary license how long did that take to process? How does the Texas PA Board expect us to start paying off our loans?! Feeling frustrated...  

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Yes, this was placed in the sunset bill I believe.  You still have the option of a temporary if needed.  I would say that one to two months is the average now.  Hopefully you have it by now.

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On a similar note...I am from out of state, and 2 weeks ago received an email from my licence analyst saying they have all the papers. Now...I hear it takes 16 weeks for a temp licence and 20-24 for permanent...how true is that? Any recent experience getting the licence, and especially anyone from out of state? 

Thank you!

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Can anyone who has been recently licensed by TMB give any input on the time frame? I was assigned a license analyst beginning of October, havent received any updates and it’s now the end of December.  I called TMB and they said to contact the analyst for updates but haven’t heard back from her either.  

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      I have a question about licensing issues. I have a friend who is currently in a PA program and is worried about getting his license. He has never had any trouble before and no previous criminal history. He had a roommate that accused him of stealing his credit card info. The roommate took it to the school and my friend got an institutional action which they called "deferred suspension." He is on that for a year and then it is over. They made him do a counseling session and he was cleared after the first visit because the counselor believed him and just stated to the school that he does not need a specific treatment plan but if he wants to continue to come to counseling he is welcome too. He denies these allegations and the roommate accused him of stealing around 700 and only provided receipts for 2 purchases totaling around 50 dollars. he could not provide the other receipts because he said they closed the case and that he couldn't get the others, which apparently all of these purchases were made from the same website. the purchases receipts were made by a different person under a name he did not know but shipped to their apartment that they shared to my friends name. He was very open with the program and they put him on professional probation and made him resign from a leadership position but that is it. Also the roommate took it to the cops but they did nothing with it and in about three weeks marked it as inactive so it has no impact on criminal history at all. do you think this will affect his licensure? does anyone have anything similar happen to them like this? I am trying to help him out and ease his mind. He is scared that since the school punished him the board won't believe him and he doesn't want to seem like he is giving them false information and have his license automatically denied. He will have almost 2 years between the incident and applying for his license.
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      We are a growing and expanding cardiology group located in the Dallas Fort Worth, Northern area: Keller and another location 34 miles north in our Decatur clinic.  Excel Cardiac Care, PLLC was established over 10-years ago by Saritha Dodla, MD, RPVI, FACC  and a year later Dr Irfan Hameed, MD, MPH, FACC joined the practice.
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      Hello everyone!  Haven't been on here in a while...  I'm hoping those of you with your DEA license can give me some guidance please, esp. if in primary care, and better yet if you are in Florida. I took the updated course, as my employer has now agreed to reimburse for the license application. There were some points in the course (taken through FMA) that I didn't know if I entirely understand, regarding supervising physician. --> Are we supposed to have a supervising physician name printed on every controlled substance Rx? It sounded like that from the course, but I'm not sure if I misunderstood. I work with an NP who notes that she doesn't have a supervising physician name on any of her benzo Rxs (4), but only on the pain meds (2). However, as we all know, the rules vary from state to state between NPs and PAs... So for, lets say, ativan (sched 4) - 1) Would the printed Rx on control paper have to have both my name and the supervising physicians name? 2) On that same Rx, if it has to have SP name, does it also need to be signed by the SP? .... The whole point of my organization wanting me to get this DEA license is so that the SPs do not have to be bothered and pulled each time I see a patient who needs a renewal on those meds. So I'm just trying to figure out if it is even worth it to get it. While they are now reimbursing, it is first out of my pocket until reimbursed, and that large sum of money on a screen at checkout just makes me a little nervous, lol. Also, I don't want them to pay all of that when the purpose of them paying for it will not be fulfilled.  Thanks in advance. 
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    • By Bbiam99
      Can anyone who has been recently licensed by TMB give any input on the time frame? I was assigned a license analyst beginning of October, havent received any updates and it’s now the end of December.  I’ve called TMB many times and they said to contact the analyst for updates but haven’t heard back from her either.  
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