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Chances of getting into 3-yr program?

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Hello! I am applying to UDM this upcoming cycle. I am mostly interested in their 3 year program. Does anyone know the competitiveness of the 3 year program versus the 2 year program? By the time I apply, my application will look like this.

cGPA: 3.94  

sGPA: 3.97

PCE: 5500 Medication Technician

GRE: 305 (Will retake due to low Verbal score. 26th percentile)

Shadowing: 1 MD, 3-4 PAs, 1 NP, 1 Nurse Anesthetist in the OR (was able to observe Surgeons, First Assists, and RNs in the OR as well), and 300 hours shadowing various PTs OTs and Speech Therapists. 

Volunteering: Volunteer MA in Free Medical Clinic, 2 week Medical service trip to the Philippines. Volunteer Coordinator of Pre-PT club prior to switching to Pre-PA. 

Any insight would be much appreciated. Thank you so much. 



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Hello! I am currently a 3-2 at UDM. I understand your concern, I wanted the 3 year track, the 2 year was not going to work for me. 

The 3 year is actually the least-preferred route for new applicants. By far most people who get in want the 2 year. So if you do get in and want the 3 year then you're set. And as long as your pre-reqs and LOR, PS, etc are good then I don't see an issue getting an interview. Good Luck!!

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