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PANRE Surgery Emphasis

Guest kf04423

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Guest kf04423

I just finished taking my PANRE yesterday and thought I'd post some things. I did the test with the surgical emphasis for the first time....glad I did. I found the surgery questions pretty basic and straight forward. I do work in surgery, but I don't think you would even have to. I used to work in Primary Care though and I found the rest of the test was very obscure. They pulled out questions I honestly still don't know the answer to because I don't know what they were asking...I realize every test will be a little different, but I have recertified 3 other times over the years and this one was the worst. I took a review course last year and prepared for this test, but i don't think it really helped much. What happened to testing over the basics? Things you need to know in any practice? Sorry to be so negative, but I just hope I passed...

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