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Is 27 too old to start PA School ?

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Okay so I plan on going to pa shcool when I turn 27. After college I worked for a health department and now I’m going to work as a clinical dietitian for a year or so and take classes. So ideally I would apply in 2019 and then start in 2020. At that point I’ll be 27. Is that too old to start to start ?? 

Heck No, 27 is not too old! I just got accepted, will be starting in May and I’m 37:) So ya, go for it!

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For some of the schools you want to apply to, go look at their website, specifically their admissions statistics. Most schools have an average matriculation age of 25-26 with some being higher. The required HCE/PCE hours requires a lot of people to apply later after undergrad and there are a good number of people who choose to be a PA after many years in another career field. So, as the others have stated, no, 27 is not too old.

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What was it like? Overall, it was a great experience, which is why I wrote my book about it. It felt so motivating to be starting something new in my late 50s. Even the 7 years I took to do my prereqs (with a year off for medic school) was an adventure. The students seemed to accept me and I tried not to be their parents, but one of them. It was also kind of a repeat of having gone off to college 40 years earlier and I was constantly reminded of the earlier journey.

Its a voyage, complete with challenges, mistakes, hard times, and times of great fun. I'd do it again.

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On 1/16/2018 at 10:08 AM, Thegirllogan said:

Okay so I plan on going to pa shcool when I turn 27. After college I worked for a health department and now I’m going to work as a clinical dietitian for a year or so and take classes. So ideally I would apply in 2019 and then start in 2020. At that point I’ll be 27. Is that too old to start to start ?? 

I'm 30. I was accepted this cycle and start my program in April.  I also got interview offers for 5 out of the 8 schools I applied to.  I would say that 27 is definitely not too old to start.  

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Guest hcruz496

27 is not too old, I am 29 and my program starts this year.  I have to admit I was glad to be starting this before I turned 30, but in reality, that is all in my head.  It is nothing but a number.

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I'm 31 (turning 32 this June) and I just applied to PA school.  Being a little older gives you a big advantage when applying because older folks tend to have more experience in the medical field.  For instance, although it took me 13 years to obtain my Bachelor's degree I was able to rack up thousands of hours in direct patient care working and going to school.


I understand if you feel pressure to get married or start a family etc, etc... but you should never feel pressured to start or finish school.  School is a lifelong journey and learning never ends.  Embrace it and good luck!!

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On 1/16/2018 at 4:45 PM, Thegirllogan said:

Wowzers! What was that like ? Why did you decide to go to PA school. And what was your first career ??

If you really want to know, you should read his book! I read it right after deciding to pursue PA school when I was 36. I'm 38 now and about to submit my first application! 

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      I would be beginning pre-reqs a new, as well as HCE. I have family support at this time, while I myself do not have a family, and would be able to focus all of my attention on my pre-requisites and HCE without major stressors in life as rent and full time job. But! .... 
      I have hesitated, I am hesitating, for fear of taking two years (or less) to focus and pursue - to not be accepted to any school at 41, or 42 - as the two year process is a huge commitment, undertaking, stress, and life adjustment - while definitely worth it if accepted into PA school. 
      It would be very hard to have taken two years unemployed in many ways, to change career paths, only to find I have to begin somewhere else, at a later age.
      Lets say hypothetically I receive 3.8-4.0 through all course work/ pre-requisites, and load up ample amount of HCU in those two years. 
      My hold back, my nervousness, MY FEAR - is that at 39 years old I begin, and apply at 41 - to be turned down by every school, possibly two years in a row - I have heard this happen to a younger student, whom had a 4.0 and HCU. He applied to all PA schools and was turned down two years in a row.
      I cannot afford to put two years of solid hard work and, cover the cost of pre-req's, nor lose two years where I could be focusing two years on something else, as the job market is age discriminatory.
      I am nervous!! I wish the economy and world was such that I could choose a solid career I am truly interested in, and not have to research around a field so much.
      I would love to hear anyones thoughts, experience in applying, experience with acceptance rates -
      And if they thought this was a risk not worth taking? 
      All the best, Laura 
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