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Micro for Healthcare Professionals

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Hey everyone!

I go to UCF in FL and my school offers MCB 2004: Micro for Health Professionals. Since it is a 2000 level course (which would be intro or sophomore year level equivalency I'm guessing) would this probably not be acceptable to most PA schools?

Schools I hope to apply to are: ( mainly in California. I have family there and want to move there for grad school.)

Southern Cali University of Health Sciences


Charles R Drew

Western (I believe they're the only ones who say it can't be an introductory course and have a database of courses from my school and this one wasn't listed)



Just to give an idea.

Thank you for your help!!!

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You'll have to double check with each individual program to be sure.  

I know some schools are good with a 2000 level microbio, such as Nova.  I have a friend applying next cycle and he did mention that Nova has added biochem as a pre-req now for the 2018-2019 cycle.  

Either way, you have to double check with each program you intend on applying to.

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Your safest bet is to take whatever microbiology course is required for science majors (probably General Microbiology); oftentimes, schools will specify that they don't accept lower level versions of science prerequisites. While I can't say for certain if specific schools would or wouldn't accept it, it's better to be safe than to have to retake something down the road. You'd be better off taking General Microbiology, which will definitely be accepted at every program you apply to. 

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