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How do you get experience in derm if all derm jobs require experience?

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Hello! I am going to be applying to PA schools and I am highly interested in derm. I know this is a long time away but I just want to learn more about certain specialties. 

I was looking at jobs for derm PAs on Indeed and some other websites and I noticed they need 1-3 years experience. 

Is there any way to graduate PA school and start working immediately for a dermatologist or do you need to work your way through another specialty and then apply for a PA derm position?

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I went straight into derm without experience. It depends on where you want to work.  If you're looking at listings, particularly in larger cities, they are going to want experienced PAs.  I'm in a suburban area and I was able to find a position where the PA that was there was moving due to her husband's job and the supervising physician was willing to train a new grad.  The jobs are out there, but obviously they would prefer experience if possible. Once in PA school, doing electives in derm, getting to know the derm reps who know whose hiring and sending out your resume to derm offices are all ways to try to get positions, but sometimes it does just take patience too. It's not a bad thing to have experience in something else first even if it may not be your preference. 

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