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Hi everyone,

I am hoping that someone will be able to point me in the direction of some hospitals or private practices that have preceptors who are willing to take PA students in the scottsdale, mesa, Glendale, chandler, Tempe, Gilbert, Phoenix area of Arizona. I am currently a first year PA student at Hofstra university in New York and we are getting ready for rotations this year. For my program, we are allowed to do two rotations out of state so I hoping to go to Arizona. However, we are responsible for finding the preceptor and giving the information to Hofstra. 

I will be staying in Scottsdale but I am willing to drive!! 

Any information will be helpful as I am not really sure where to begin looking or who to contact. 

Thank you SO much in advance!!!


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Keep in mind that this is a really long shot.  It's not a small amount of effort to set this up if it isn't already set up between your school and the preceptor - it takes several weeks to several months.  Hopefully, your program has told you this.  And I'm assuming you have met with your clinical coordinator there one on one.

Having said all of that - and knowing that I also tried this and failed a couple of years ago - you could contact ASAPA (the state PA organization), maybe the forums or the leadership themselves.  Throw this into any forums with an Arizona section or even Hofstra - maybe something will stick.  Maybe even hold your nose and brave the stench of SDN?

Mayo and Banner are interesting possibilities, but keep in mind that Banner is increasingly using private practices that they "own" as providers.  I have forgotten whether Dignity Health, Tenet/Team Health, Honor Health are teaching facilities or may be open to this or not, so that's just a list of names.  

Maricopa Medical Center may be a decent bet - since they are county.  But I think they also have providers supplied by a private non-profit group, if my memory serves.  

Check the job boards and maybe you'll find someone who is new graduate friendly that may help you out.  You are going to have to do this anyway.  

Getting a rotation or job remotely without connections is a really long shot, as I found out.  I can't help you because I'm not in the area anymore.  Good luck.

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@ajames-- I will look into that! Thank you! 


@south-- Yes, I have spoken with Hofstra and they do all of the coordinating, but I have to find the preceptor that is willing to take me. I am just weighing my options right now! we don't start clinical rotations until the end of 2018 so I thought that i would give it a shot!! Thank you for all of your helpful information!! 



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