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2018 UC Davis PA Applicants

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Hello there!  Any one else planning on applying to UCD's PA Program in May 2018?  

Here are some of the things I'm thinking about and working on (as a first time applicant):

How to tour or meet any staff at the program as a prospective student... (since there are no formal events hosted by UCD).

Creating a successful personal statement that ties together an eclectic background... (I'm a nontraditional student with the minimum of medical/patient care experience).    

Which professionals I want to have write recommendations for me... (definitely a professor, a practicing PA, and optionally a doctor at the same clinic as the PA, a PA I was a patient for and then shadowed, or a doctor at another clinic that I haven't worked as closely with).  

Anyone want to weigh in or share what you are contemplating?

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Hello, I was recently admitted. 

I had a science professor in a higher level science class, a supervisor who was clinical manager, and a doctor write my letters. All these people knew me in depth and were able to write strong letters of recommendation. I would not have a doctor that you haven't worked closely with write your letter, because this would possibly mean their letter would lack the depth of understanding of your goals/desires/motivation/aptitude that admission teams are looking for.

As for the personal statement I wrote the story that best captured why I want to be a PA, why I'm and how I've prepared to be one, and why UCD matches up with these aspects. It was my third year trying for UC Davis this year and the letter also encapsulated the journey of being rejected and not giving up as well because this was my dream. For you, maybe you want to talk about being a nontraditional student and how that influences your journey and decision. Basically, tell your story/journey/and goal.

As for meeting staff, I don't know, as I did not intend on really meeting anyone unless I was invited. A lot of information about the program and school can be found on the school's website and on this forum (I didn't make an account until now, because now I want to give back to the community). 

Definitely continue to get hands on patient care experience. I am a CNA and I talked about how that influenced my decision to become a PA. 


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